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The aim of Astrotarot weekly is to inspire discussions that will draw you deeply in to the heart of many important questions that we all have. Each week a deep dive dialogue will be presented to inspire healing discussion, spiritual growth and personal evolution. As our community builds we hope to connect you with many like minded souls, promote your special gifts and support each other on this Spiritual network journey

We hope our discussions will draw you into the heart of deeply important questions so many of us have. Each week a deep dive dialogue will be presented to inspire healing discussion, spiritual growth and personal evolution. Please search our page for individual services.


Astrology with Amanda
Astrological Birth Chart Guidance

Focused and specific birth chart calculation to unlock current, relevant topics and reveal psychological indicators of importance.

Friends in Awakening

Tap into a constructive psychic and spiritual community and find solace and like-minded, open-hearted togetherness in Spirit.

More Specialised Services

Apart from our Astrology and Tarot we the following services are offered. 

Criminal Investigations Support

With a Forensic and Criminal Psychology background it is possible to offer Police support or for Private investigations. All we require from you is your region in the world and feedback. This can remain anonymous as we will provide an ethical and private service which we are happy to agree to contractually. We reserve the right to withdraw at any time if we believe that the inquiry is corrupt or corrupted. 

Corporate Services Support

There are also corporate services if you are looking to put a ‘super team’ together for a business project, we can assist you in creating cohesive frameworks. We can analyse every team member’s potential, the best positions for them, and auspicious times to push ahead with your projects. We can do this remotely in a report. All quotes are based on the size of the organization and the number of team members involved. All quotes are free. 

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Astro Tarot Weekly will provide weekly Videos, and conversations with likeminded souls, healers and teachers from a broad range of genres.  Videos will be on ‘You Tube’.  With Guest and Video Links right here for your convenience. Also provided is a Weekly Blog. Subscribe, join, share, and participate in sharing your own Wisdom and Love with us all over the network.